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Wine production
is an art

Unique grapes along the Miño River, whose creations that shape the land with their uniqueness from our multiple plots in Condado do Tea.


Name is born from the fusion of the words Eido and Sela, terms that mean, Eido (land/plot) and Sela, the name of the parish located in Arbo’s County where our facilities are located.

We exemplify the most rooted tradition in Condado do Tea, historic area in wine production since the ancient Roman empire.

The essence of our concept derives from the parish church of Santa Marina de Sela.

We selected this symbol due to the significance of the Parish Church’s building, which is where townspeople meet. Our cooperative has the same spirit, bringing together our partners’ grapes within the same wine.


In the beginning of 2003 we started our journey to find the excellency and the production of high-quality wines, passing on at the same time the valuable culture of the wine.


In 2007 we opened up our newest facilities in Sela Parish, at the base of San Fins’s hillside, located very close to our vineyards, nearby Tea River and Miño, Galicia’s “Big River”.

In our 60
hectares characterized by the Galician’s smallholding system, our field technicians check the wine production in order to obtain the highest quality of our Albariño, Treixadura and Loureira (among others) grapes.

We are able
to produce up to
liters of wine yearly.

Scientific research, development and technological innovation (R+D+I) are key in the corporate strategy of Bodegas Eidosela. As a result, we improve our wines year after year.