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Albariño wine,
flagship of
Rias Baixas

Albariño wine charms you with its freshness, its fruity bouquet and its subtle nuances. It is a wine that leads you to a paradise of alive and delicate flavors, that will caress your palate in each sip, making it a truthful experience that will conquer all your senses.

The subzones

The Denomination of Origin “Rias Baixas”, that was born in 1980, it is located in the southwest of Galicia, considered as the birthplace of Albariño wine and it is divided in 5 subzones: Val do Salnes, Condado do Tea, O Rosal, Soutomaior and Ribeira do Ulla recently.

Denominación de Orixe Rías Baixas

Most of Eidosela’s vineyards are located in Condado do Tea, arranged in plots alongside the Miño River’s banks, which flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The lands are low and plain, at different heights under 300 metros above sea level, granting our wines a big complexity.

The soil is sandy-loam soil mainly, but we also work over clay and eroded soil, due to the river and granitic decomposing rocks, which adds another layer of complexity to our wine.

The grapes

Albariño is the starring grape in D.O. Rias Baixas and its great versatility has turned it into one of the symbols of Galicia, although in Eidosela we also devote part of our work to harvest other varieties.

The grapes

The traditional growing system for the grapes in this area is with half-trellis.

Albariño is distinguished by a small grape, with a medium-thick peel and a small sized bunch. It has a terpenic aromatic profile of great palate freshness.

On the other hand in the area of Contado do Tea we also have other exceptional varieties, notably Treixadura, Loureira, Torrontés and Caino Blanco, from which we distill the acclaimed and unique Condado wines (coupages from these varieties)

The climate

In Condado do Tea, climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean with abundant rainfalls.

We are, among the other subzones of D.O. Rias Baixas, the ones that can achieve a grape with an extra touch of ripeness, giving an additional point of freshness to our wines.

Temperatures have a big thermal range, including hot summers and very cold winters, with high humidity, caused mainly due to the influence of the Miño River.


For these reasons, the white and sparkling wines of Eidosela, have fresh notes rounding the palate, thanks to the Miño River and the Atlantic climate.