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The Albariño,

Our quality sparkling wines, as defined by the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Rias Baixas, are characterized by the quality of the 100% Albariño base wine from which they originate and by the elaboration method, Champanoise, resulting in an unmistakable aroma and fine bubbles.

These are unique wines, as our production is distinguished by three categories: White Brut Nature Sparkling, White Extra Brut Sparkling, and Rosé Brut Sparkling.

first sparkling wines crafted under the D.O. Rias Baixas

we take pride in being the pioneers in crafting sparkling wines with the D.O. Rias Baixas

Eidosela Brut Nature

100% Albariño

Tasting notes

  • Yellow, brilliant, and satin-like with reflections reminiscent of olives. The effervescence is generous, fine, regular, and orderly bubbles, yet with a certain independence. The bead imparts a creamy sensation and a delicate necklace of pearls.

  • A fresh tonic, a blend of floral, fruity, and vegetal aromas with a more frequent presence of acacia flower, linden flower, and fresh herbs. Upon swirling, it seems as if magnolia flower petals are unfurling, revealing distant hints of brioche and nuances of multi-floral honey. Brushstrokes of stone fruit and white-fleshed fruit seeds are also present. The finishing recalls caramel notes.

  • Lively and elegant, floral flavors return, hinting at a certain minerality. The body leans more towards fresh nuts and just enough acidic notes of grapefruit that fade into a finish of delicate, integrated flavours, exuding much grace and lightness.

Eidosela Rose Brut

100% Albariño

Tasting notes

  • It displays a lovely salmon pink color with a persistent string of fine bubbles.

  • Fresh and fruity with a certain complexity, highlighting black fruits and cherry with hints of toasted bread from the second fermentation in the bottle.

  • Lively, with good acidity, perfectly balanced with a subtle sweetness, reminding us on the retro-nasal of the same sensations experienced during the olfactory phase.

Eidosela Brut

100% Albariño

Tasting notes

  • Pale yellow color with golden reflections, fine, persistent, and elegant bubbles.

  • Clean and fruity, aromas of apple and citrus with subtle hints of nuts.

  • Fresh and indulgent, with a fruity and elegant aftertaste.