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Brut Nature Sparkling wine (6 pack)

100% Albariño wine

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  • Grape harvest:

    Crafted from a selection of the finest grapes to produce a quality sparkling wine.

  • Service and Pairing:

    Serve between 6-8º C. Perfectly complements all kinds of fish and seafood as well as Asian cuisine.

  • Elaboration:

    The grapes are destemmed and crushed before being transferred to the pneumatic press. The resulting must is then sent to a tank to settle (decant) for a day. After this period, the clean part is separated for fermentation at 18ºC, while the sediments are filtered using a vacuum filter. Following fermentation, the wine is racked to separate it from the lees.

    The elaboration method follows the Traditional Champanoise process. Firstly, the “Tirage” is performed, where the base wine is bottled, and yeast is added for the second fermentation in the bottle (controlled at around 15ºC). The wine remains sealed until, after nine months, the “Disgorgement” occurs. During this process, the bottle’s cap, holding the yeast, is removed. The dosage liquor is added, and finally, the bottle is corked.

Tasting notes

  • Yellow, brilliant, and satin-like with reflections reminiscent of olives. The effervescence is generous, fine, regular, and orderly bubbles, yet with a certain independence. The bead imparts a creamy sensation and a delicate necklace of pearls.

  • A fresh tonic, a blend of floral, fruity, and vegetal aromas with a more frequent presence of acacia flower, linden flower, and fresh herbs. Upon swirling, it seems as if magnolia flower petals are unfurling, revealing distant hints of brioche and nuances of multi-floral honey. Brushstrokes of stone fruit and white-fleshed fruit seeds are also present. The finishing recalls caramel notes.

  • Lively and elegant, floral flavors return, hinting at a certain minerality. The body leans more towards fresh nuts and just enough acidic notes of grapefruit that fade into a finish of delicate, integrated flavours, exuding much grace and lightness.


  • Recomendado en Decanter, 2017

  • Medalla de Plata, Concours International de Lyon, 2017

  • Medalla de Bronce en International Wine Challenge, 2016

  • Commended en Decanter, 2016

  • Medalla de Oro, Guía de Vinos, Destilados y Bodegas de Galicia, 2016

  • Medalla de Oro, Les Citadelles du Vin 2014 (Francia)

  • Medalla de Bronce, International Wine Challenge 2014 (Inglaterra)

  • Commended en Decanter, 2015 (Inglaterra)

  • Premiado en “Best of Spain” Top100 en ProWein 2015 (Alemania)

  • Commended Award International Wine Challenge 2015 (Inglaterra)

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