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Arbastrum Condado do Tea (6 pack)

Blend of Albariño, Loureira & Treixadura

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  • Grape harvest:

    It’s a wine made with a blend of Albariño, Loureira & Treixadura grapes, from the Condado do Tea subzone, handpicked in 18kg crates at their optimal stage of ripeness and health.

  • Service and Pairing:

    Serve between 8-10º C. Perfectly complements all kinds of fish and seafood as well as Asian cuisine.

  • Elaboration:

    The grapes are destemmed and crushed before being transferred to the pneumatic press; then, the grape juice undergoes fermentation. After fermentation, the wine is racked to separate it from the lees.

Tasting notes

  • It displays a straw-yellow color with a grayish rim, clean and bright.

  • It has a medium-high intensity. Very fruity, fresh, and fragrant, highlighting the predominant variety, which is Treixadura, offering very elegant notes of green apple.

  • It’s a very complex wine. The palate entry is smooth and delicate without highlighting any sharp edges, thanks to the blend of varieties; it’s also flavorful, elegant, with a very balanced acidity. In the aftertaste, the Treixadura notes reappear, clearly reminiscent of the olfactory phase.


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